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You can get any umbrella from us We at Effect Prize offer good products at very low prices. And in Bangladesh we do 90% of the work with big companies


Umbrella Factory Bangladesh. Syed Robin Ahmed, the ceo of this company, has been running this company since 1988 and is still running with confidence.

This Umbrella Factory Bd is one of the biggest companies in the world. This is a large garden umbrella, you can put it on the roof of your if you want.

Or you can plant it in your garden. Or you can take it to your restaurant. And there are more such as coffee house tea shop. 

Again you can put it in a place where there is no shade, just barrier, or desert. Again, if you want, you can put this big umbrella on the shore of the sea.




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We started our journey since 1988. By spending a lot of effort we have brought the company far and on the path of success. And still trying to maintain this success.

So we prepare quality products keeping the quality standards of our products. We make umbrellas according to customer’s demand. Many prepare umbrellas with company logos to promote their companies, again.

Many customize products with their own store name Sudhu does not, he customizes the product by naming it to promote his name. Others print umbrellas for birthdays, gifts.

We also sell domestic and foreign products, such as china garden umbrellas, umbrellas for restaurants, swimming pools, roadside tea shops, fruit shops, sidewalk shops, coffee houses, resort umbrellas. You will get all these benefits from us. We sell at call pricecompanies, again.

manual strong umbrella

umbrella factory bd

Types Of Umbrella

All umbrellas are available in our factory, from old to small children. There are many quality types such as;

 Manual strong umbrella, auto open close umbrella, 3 fold, Bmw umbrella.capsul, TikTok umbrella. garden, beach, restaurant, rooftop, coffee shop, etc. 

Generally you can buy and use as you like. While buying, take a look at the ribis, kapur, handle

Garden Umbrella

8 Fit bay 8 Fit arya coverd

umbrella factory bd

Usually the questions that customers ask us

Our factory is in Moulvi Bazar Trade Center next to Old Dhaka Chawkbazar. You can find us from 10 am to 8 pm. We provide customer service at all times

Yes we manufacture garden umbrellas. And we prepare umbrellas for restaurants, beaches, swimming pools, tea shops, coffee houses, and house roofs

Now there is no such company in Bangladesh that will give product warranty. Sudhu is the only umbrella warranty. Garden, restaurant, coffee house, tea shop umbrellas, we provide 2 years warranty for these big umbrellas.

We provide home delivery within 2/3 hours within Dhaka. And if outside Dhaka, I send through courier And if you send the goods to Kuria today, you will get them tomorrow

Call the number given on the skin for 24 hours customer service And visit the below link

You will get all the benefits if you buy products from us Cash on delivery, and home delivery. And 2 years warranty. Another advantage is that you can see and buy products quickly. If you like it, you can buy the product, if you don’t like it, you can return it