Umbrella Factory In Bd

Umbrella factory In bangladesh is another name of the world of umbrellas. You will find all quality products here Stylish umbrellas for girls will be available for boys, and from older to younger ones You can do branding for your company or for weddings or gifts. For company promotion. Or for swimming pool garden, beach, house roof, roadside tea shop.

You can make umbrellas of your choice such as ready for advertising. We will create the umbrella with your name and logo. As a result, your company’s promotion will be good. You will be profitable.

umbrella factory Bd
umbrella factory bd

Garden Umbrella Factory

You can see a nice umbrella in the picture that will cover an area of ​​10 feet by 10 feet.

You can place 5/6 tables under this product in your restaurant. The product can be used for garden house,

roof of house, or coffee house restaurant, swimming pool, or can be placed in tea shop along the beach road.

In this product you can print logo for your coffee shop or restaurant or advertise for company promotion, print your company logo

The color of the product is different, if you choose your favorite color and order from us, we will deliver it to your home.

umbrella factory bd
umbrella factory bd
umbrella factory bd
Umbrella factory
umbrella factory bd
umbrella factory bd

Your logo

umbrella factory bd


1988 the year

Our company was established in 1998. Our company has been one step ahead of other companies for a long time. We are still in the number 1 position in Bangladesh We have earned the trust of our customers We still try to deliver good things to you So we prepare products of famous technical style

umbrella factory bd

We manufacture all kinds of advertising umbrellas in our factory.If you want, you can add your company name to the product Not only that, you can buy umbrellas for weddings for birthdays for advertising and products for garden houses or rooftop restaurants coffee houses resorts. And you can make this big product for your company

The Best companies in the world

Our company is number 1 company. Big companies of Bangladesh deal with us. Not only that, we also deal with countries like China India Bhutan, we provide different types of umbrellas according to their preferences. We do about 90% of corporate work. And they are satisfied with us because our products are of good quality
This is why we are the best company in the world..For More Visit Now..

What umbrela

Why Use An Umbrella

Umbrella is a friend of danger, keep this product with you when you go out. Because you will be interrupted by the rain, then this umbrella is needed. So take a product with you all day to prevent rain

For More datails

The details of this umbrella are given in the video. If you watch the video, you will get all the details And if you want to register your company name under the umbrella or call the number given on the screen to contact us

Cash On Deliver

We provide cash delivery all over Bangladesh, after receiving the goods, you can then purchase. We will deliver your product to you in a very short time. No, we do home delivery in Bangladesh at low cost


A successful company of our company has been working successfully for 31 years. So now Sudhu is not in Dhaka. The best company in whole Bangladesh. And we prepare very high quality products And we prepare modern design printing carbon technology.

Advertising umbrella bd

This umbrella is imported directly from China. This umbrella will cover an area of ​​10 feet 100 inches in diameter and 10 feet. We make Bangladeshi big umbrella garden umbrellas in our factory. You will find all kinds of umbrellas in this company

umbrella factory bd

Umbrellas come in many size, such as the umbrella we use every day, the umbrellas we usually use are the 3 Fold, 2 Fold manual strong. golf. Bmw our use these umbrellas. Again the big products are, patio,china,Resturen,baech, tant umbrella. The big ones are 10 feet long and 60 inches long. The smaller products are sized, 36 inches long and 12 inches high quality fabrics wind proof. Strong storms will not break even in the rain. Very strong recommended!”

manual strong umbrella

All types of umbrellas are available here. You can buy products at wholesale prices in our factory. In Bangladesh, we sell our umbrellas at low prices. The lower the price, the better.

Umbrella Wholesale price In Bd
umbrella factory bd
umbrella factory bd
umbrella factory bd
umbrella factory bd
umbrella factory bd
Best Umbrella Factory
umbrella factory bd

We print all types of umbrella logos. You can customize any umbrella by adding your company name and advertising umbrella. In this way, your company’s promotion will be good. We manufacture high quality bamboo umbrellas and you can design them according to your mind. Our designers are high quality. And for any program like wedding, birthday etc

                                                                                  Umbrella Factory Bd

Umbrella is essential to protect from rain. An umbrella is an essential item in both rain and dry heat. Because of this, when you get hit by heavy rain, you can no longer leave the house. Therefore, if you have an umbrella with you at this time, you can use it in the moment of need. All types of domestic and foreign umbrellas are available in our country.

 Umbrellas are available from Rs 300 to Rs 1000. An umbrella can last a long time if used well. When it’s in season, this is what you need. When winter comes and it rains, umbrella raincoat is needed. Just like when you go outside, you see a lot of wind and suddenly it rains, but you can’t go outside anymore. Get stuck on urgent tasks.

 And you stop going to work. So always keep an umbrella handy. Then the rain cannot stop. Especially many years ago I used to see long cut umbrellas in the country side. Older people used it. Again I used to see hand cut umbrellas of cow handlers because they used to slaughter cows, then over time it started to change, then smaller products came out, before it was difficult to carry, it was bigger products.

 Now there is no more hassle, you can put it in your bag or pocket and move normally. You will get mercy from danger. Girls don’t go out without bags, but many people use bags in office or educational institutions, no matter what they use, everything gets wet in the rain, so before the rain starts, you should buy things that get wet in the rain so that they don’t spoil. Stay easy and hassle free now.

 Over time, more companies are adding new names. Added, umbrella factory bd it is our company. New companies are developing new products in Bangladesh like advertising umbrella bd, BMW umbrella price. 3 folding umbrellas. Our country is not behind now. Technology is advancing and new products are being added.

Again these products can be used for company promotion as you can prepare your company by registering a name. By doing this, your success is not only that you can promote the company and grow your company, but you can easily use this product on your rooftop, home garden, roadside tea shop or resort swimming pool beach.

 Tourists can sit and rest under the canopy. Now the technology is so modern that these products are fitted with light fans. You can turn on the light by sitting in the night shelter. And you can run the fan in summer. Whatever you buy on a rainy day, buy it in bright colors that match your personality, bright colors will help keep your spirits up.For More Visit Umbrella Factory Bd

Umbrella Factory Bangladesh Best Manufacturers Company

umbrella factory bd .was established in 1988, since then many of our employees joined the company, since then we started our company journey. For many years, for ages, we have been producing products at high cost for our customers, maintaining the quality of the products according to the demand and preparing the good .

Still working to give good products to people. We are always with our brand. Worked and gained reputation doing brand as well as corporate work. Our team is always active in customer service. May this organization not get any bad name.

This company is very careful. This company is more encouraged to gain reputation. This institution has retained the number 1 position in government jobs. Still the team hopes to go the extra mile, and always dedicate themselves to serving the client.

Now the question may arise why this company is the best. Because the working age of the workers of this organization is 30/35 years, these people are very famous. It can be seen that with new workers, the quality of the product is lost when making any product. The client is not happy.


This is why the people who join this job, they don’t want to leave this company easily. This institution provides all kinds of facilities. the office Our company has digital machines, advanced equipment. famous workman Experienced person in printing. Designer, shop office, and factory.

All in all try to make good products. Whatever you get, used small umbrellas, Auto open close, BMW, children, suiting, tiktok, rooftop, swimming pool, beach, restaurant, coffee house. So it can be said that all kinds of umbrella available here.

Now you can say that what we talked about so much is our dangerous friend, I want to give a small example. When I was younger, my final exam was JSC (Junior Certificate School) and only 30 minutes left.

At such a time, suddenly, there is a loud sound of thunder in the sky, darkness is coming all around, and fear is sinking inside me, how will I give the exam, it starts raining, it is time for my exam again, I have to go out. My school is about 4 km away. 

started looking for an umbrella, I searched all over the house but couldn’t find it anywhere. I asked the neighbors of the house next door and they didn’t give me anything.

Because an  is a dangerous friend on a rainy day. No one wants to give to anyone. Later I went in great danger, there is no umbrella anywhere. If it gets wet, the pen and guide will all get wet,

then I hurriedly bought an  from an umbrella factory bd company from the store, and started the journey with my head to give the exam. That’s when I realized that the only dangerous friend in the world, the real friend is this umbrella. Read more..