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Now in the age of online shopping can be done from home Humans now have a lot of trust in online. Just as our country is moving with the times, people are changing. 

Now you don’t have to go outside or go to the market to shop, you can do everything at home. You can also order our umbrella online from umbrella factory bd.

 We provide home delivery all over the country. You must order. You can get all kinds of umbrellas from us, such as garden house, house roof, 

restaurant, coffee house, swimming pool, resort umbrella, so why delay, order now from our site

umbrella factory bd
umbrella factory bd

Our mission

Our mission is to bring affordable, quality umbrellas to people. We are the only umbrella company in Bangladesh that sells umbrellas at low prices. And we give opportunity to small traders to do business by selling umbrellas at a low price. We want there to be no unemployed in any house, unemployment is a danger for the country. So we want to give wholesale products to everyone. And our mission is that everyone is a businessman and the country moves forward.

We import garden restaurant umbrellas from China and market them at low prices in our country. In this way, the businessmen will benefit. We will not buy from China in future We will produce the product in the country and deliver it to everyone

Promotional Umbrella

How many things are arranged for our wedding ceremony now And what do you do to keep the page of nature Some people frame the pictures and some people keep the pictures in the form of printed gifts. Some people print wedding pictures and arrange them in umbrellas. Just like that, someone wants to keep the trend by doing something new. So we prepare an umbrella for everything. For birthday gifts. for marriage I print umbrellas and prepare products for the chairman member vote in village.

umbrella factory bd

All Kinds OF Umbrella

umbrella factory bd

best umbrella bangladesh.

Our umbrella factory product is very nice to look at, and good to use.This umbrella is made by our own Awsome technical style. This umbrella print is made by experienced craftsman style. So that we can deliver good umbrella to you.

umbrella factory bd

Advertising umbrella

.We are the top successful corporate umbrella dealers in Dhaka.designer umbrella wholesale We manufacture umbrellas according to your needs, such as advertising umbrellas. Tea shop umbrella garden umbrella on the side of the road.

umbrella factory bd

umbrella brand in bd

If you can use it in the village, where there is no shade in the sea, our bech umbrella manufactur umbrella will work great and will help you to avoid extreme heat It will be good until then. Our umbrella brand is the best and quality from other brands.

umbrella factory bd

umbrella manufacture

This company has been very popular and successful since 1988. With a lot of effort, your umbrella is on the way to success today. Our umbrella advertising umbrella is very nice to look at, and good to use. This umbrella is made by our own Awsome technical style

rain umbrella

golf umbrella for rain,Auto open close umbrella,holding umbrella,You can use, If you can use it in the village, where there is no shade in the sea, our bech umbrella this umbrella will work great and will help you to avoid extreme heat. It will be good until then

umbrella factory bd

Umbrella factory bd

Unlike other normal umbrellas that you simply see on the market, our umbrellas are high in quality. We assure you to offer you such umbrellas which will not only protect you from the rain but also cause you to look trendy. Especiallity such weather like Bangladesh, you’d require an umbrella that’s stronger and portable.

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